Freesat TV is a popular alternative to Sky.

Freesat TV is broadcast from the same satellite as Sky, meaning that if you already have a Sky dish, you just need to purchase a Freesat box. Once you own a Freesat box, it is completely free with no subscriptions.

If you don’t already have a Sky dish then we can install one for you, and we can also supply the Freesat boxes. With the latest Freesat boxes, you can record, pause, rewind live TV as well as access all catch up and on demand TV services(with a working internet connection). You can connect up to 8 rooms with one satellite dish, so call us today or send us an online enquiry.

Here is the current list of Freesat channels

We also do:

  • Additional Freesat points
  • Replacement Freesat boxes
  • New Freesat Installations
  • Freesat+ HDR recorders
  • Fault finding/problem solving

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